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Libraries, librarians, and the future of the web, Closing keynote session full text from the 2014 #dlfforum

Libraries, librarians, and the future of the web Thank you.  I’m so grateful and humbled to be here today in front of you.  I attended my first and only DLF in CA in 2009 while I was at UCLA.  Part of my job was working with faculty and students in supporting OA publications and our instance of the UC’s IR.   So, I’ve really enjoyed catching up on what you all are working on.  I am so impressed with your work and the maturation of the conversations over the years.  It’s amazing for me to see the growth of this community...


Databites Talk with Chris Wiggins

Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist at NY Times and professor at Columbia and cofounder of hackny came to D&S to talk with us about two areas he’s been thinking about.  Hard, unanswerable questions got us thinking and discussing the future of online communities and the ethics of data science.   Chris cofounded hackny, an organization that supports student hackathons where young people come together to do play, build, and create with other like-minded people. We discussed how to broaden who attends, thus broadening the future of tech.  It’s something we all agree is important, but how do you do it without insulting, demeaning,...


Databites Talk with UN Global Pulse

Several members of the UN Global Pulse spoke with us at Data & Society about big data and development.  UN Global Pulse is an innovation initiative of the UN.  They bring together the data, innovation and tools, and the problem statements come from UN partners.   They see a lot of opportunities in the big data space, including enhancement of early warning (like predicting a financial meltdown), real-time awareness (by following a tool like Twitter), and real-time evaluation (such as getting as seeing the immediate effects of an intervention of program rather than just waiting for the evaluation or summary analysis).   The...