Bonnie Tijerina


Bonnie Tijerina is a librarian, entrepreneur and library community convener. She is founder of ER&L (Electronic Resources & Libraries) conference and organization, created to facilitate communication and foster collaboration among information management and e-resources professionals in libraries. Bonnie has worked in academic libraries for over ten years, most recently at Harvard University. She is Principal Consultant and Founder of the Library Consulting Network and was a Fellow at Data & Society Research Institute in New York City. She relishes the role of library convener and initiated an effort to connect the library community with tech, academia, and business with the #ideadrop Library House, an effort she led during SXSW Interactive. Bonnie is working to engage the library community in a broad conversation on the future of libraries and the important role library professionals can play in a modern, digital world.


collaboration in libraries, privacy, digital collections, big data and libraries, e-books, electronic journals, user behavior and assessment, electronic resource management, ER&L, future of e-resources management, industry collaboration facilitator, library management, library consulting, resiliency in library organizations, thought leadership for future of libraries.