Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L)

ERL-Logo_LimeTeal_RGB1Founded in 2004 by Bonnie Tijerina, ER&L facilitates the communication and collaboration for information professionals around issues related to managing electronic resources in the digital world.

The goal of the ER&L Conference is to bring together information professionals from libraries and related industries to improve the way we collect, manage, maintain, and make accessible electronic resources in an ever-changing online environment. We do this once a year at an in-person conference. In addition, sessions are recorded and made available online in an online conference. ER&L allows for cross-pollination of ideas across fields of librarianship not often brought together in traditional public services or technical services conferences. ER&L is often considered the most nimble, thought-provoking and industry-challenging conference in our field – a rightly earned reputation. It was also the first conference dedicated to focusing on challenges in managing the entire e-resources life cycle. Libraries have great challenge as they work to deliver content and services in the digital world, and I consider my role and that of ER&L integral to addressing the new issues that arise. In my work in both academic libraries and the ER&L conference, I seek to coalesce information management professionals and spark real change in electronic resource management to prepare for the library of the future.

Data & Society Fellowship_logo_1

Our data-centric, always-on, connected world we live highlights issues of privacy, discrimination, access, and power and poses questions about individual’s rights.   These issues reflect concerns of library professionals and I believe the core values of librarianship will bring an important perspective to conversations and actions around the future of big data.

Librarians are trusted institutions in their communities and they are perfectly situated to help create a more informed citizenry, ensuring individuals have the information and power to protect their rights.

In this fellowship, I plan to:

  • Create opportunities for discussion and debate around the increasingly complex concept of privacy in the digital world.
  • Work with libraries and associations to advance public understanding of issues that are emerging because of the increasing availability of data in society, including digital privacy literacy.
  • Help build connections within and around the Data & Society Institute.

Designing for Digital

ElecD4D_2748Outlinetronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L), led by Bonnie Tijerina, convened UX (User Experience) Day in Austin on March 18, 2014 to expose librarians and information professionals to the field of user experience. Increasingly, librarians are asked to consider user needs and behaviors in relationship with new technology. Drawing talent from the Austin, TX talent and thought leadership, UX for Good, TedX Austin, Dell and UT Austin presented on a variety of UX topics.
UX Day sought to educate and expose librarians and other information professionals to colleagues working on user
experience, discovery, usage and usability projects in libraries and professionals working in user experience outside of libraries. It is the hope that such exposure to professionals will allow librarians to bring lessons home to their libraries. This event has now transformed into a vibrant conference in Austin focused on building the future of libraries on the web.

Library #IdeaDrop House @ SXSW & LibraryIdeas.orgLibraryIdeas_BK

The Library #IdeaDrop house serves as a seriously fun place to drop ideas and to dialogue about topics affecting libraries when the creative juices are flowing and where the big ideas are percolating in Austin. In coordination with other forward thinking library and info people, the Library #IdeaDrop house supports bringing the value of libraries to the world and learning from the best and brightest in tech, public policy, social media and creative communities to libraryland and beyond via a live stream of our open house in Austin taking place during SXSW. View the video archive.

Libraries are in a significant time of change. For some in our society, libraries are considered vestiges of the past. We disagree. We believe libraries can be active centers of information exchange and knowledge creation if the right people, the right ideas and the best partnerships come together. It is no longer the case that solutions are wholly developed within any single profession or silo. We need to bring librarians together with thought leaders and innovators from outside libraries so that we can think about our practice in new and more socially relevant ways. We have a unique opportunity right now to build connections with experts, innovative thinkers, and new technologies as we rethink the library. We want to help facilitate this through

LTG Summitltg summit

The LTG (*leadership *technology *gender) Summit is an effort to examine how we might build a future for libraries and librarianship free from gender bias. The first LTG Summit was in March 2014.

Library Consulting NetworkLibrary Consulting Network

Bonnie is Principal Consultant and founder of the Library Consulting Network. Founded in 2015, the Library Consulting Network is a group of experienced librarians and library professionals serving and supporting the library and information community to develop best practices in information management and discovery. Information about services can be found at

Protecting Patron Privacy


Although privacy is one of the core tenets of librarianship, technology changes have made it increasingly difficult for libraries to ensure the privacy of their patrons in the 21st century library.

This authoritative LITA Guide offers readers guidance on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Foundations of privacy in libraries
  • Data collection, retention, use, and protection
  • Laws and regulations
  • Privacy instruction for patrons and staff
  • Contracts with third parties
  • Use of in-house and internet tools including social network sites, surveillance video, and RFID

Data Privacy Project

Data Privacy Project teaches NYC library staff how information travels and is shared online, what risks users commonly encounter online, and how libraries can better protect patron privacy. Its trainings help support libraries’ increasing role in empowering their communities in a digital world. The project is led by a team of library professionals, researchers, tech experts, and community activists interested in the impact of technological advances on everyone, especially the most vulnerable populations in the U.S.

Data Science Training in Libraries

As librarians increasingly use, build, and maintain the National Digital Platform, the skills to manipulate, analyze, and manage data are crucial. Librarians will need to meaningfully engage the tools and techniques of data science. Our goal is to coalesce diverse and disparate communities whose experiences and perspectives on data science inspire and contribute to developing and sustaining our National Digital Platform. We will create a roadmap for data science education in libraries.